Privacy Policy

Who We Are

Hathorpay is developed by HTRFDT Inc., a Canadian federal corporation.

Hathorpay And Privacy

Hathorpay is a flexible software application that is installed on your device and that is designed to respect your privacy. We take your privacy seriously and have designed it with “privacy by design” as its guiding principle which means that we have tried to reduce the privacy impact of using Hathorpay. Although there is very little information attributable to an individual involved in the Hathorpay product, where such information is made available to us by you or is required by you, we have taken steps to minimize the privacy impact on you. 

Personal Information

Hathorpay does not require your personal information and we do not collect personal information, other than as required to comply with Canadian law. 

Collection and Purpose

All information collected by Hathorpay is for the purpose of: 

  1. providing the Hathorpay software and/or service to you; or,
  2. to support ongoing development of, to improve, Hathorpay using aggregate statistics, telemetry, and user behaviour data; or,
  3. to provide technical support or fix bugs; or, 
  4. to respond to you; or,
  5. to comply with our obligations under Canadian law. 

Cross-Border Services

By using Hathorpay you consent to the transfer of any information about you (including personal information, to the extent that there is any within our possession) to other entities where the transfer of that information is necessary or desirable to provide the Hathorpay service to you, including transfers to other countries such as as the United States of America. 

Government Requests

Information held by Hathorpay with respect to your use of it may be disclosed to lawful authorities in Canada or elsewhere according to applicable law. HTRFDT may disclose information related to your use of Hathorpay in response to a request by a lawful authority or it may do so if it deems it prudent to do so for business reasons where such disclosure is permitted by Canadian privacy laws (or other applicable laws in Canada). 

Right To Correct Records

To the extent that Hathorpay has collected personal information about you, you may request that we correct our records or have access to your records.


For questions, concerns, or comments about Hathorpay and privacy, please contact